Project Introduction

About the Firefly/Bandibuli project

Equinor signed an MoU with Ulsan city in May 2019 for the development of an 750MW floating wind farm offshore Ulsan.
The Firefly/Bandibuli wind farm comprises two 75 km2 areas, 70 km off the coast. 

Equinor believes  a low draft semi-submersible concept – the Wind Semi, is the most suitable floating wind technology choice for Equinor’s projects in Korea.
The concept has been developed specifically for Korea and Equinor has worked closely with the Korean offshore industry since 2019 developing the Wind Semi.
Both the country’s world class supply chain and the demanding conditions offshore Korea have been considered. Typhoons are a dimensioning-criteria for the mooring system, and the mooring system is designed specially to suit the water depth in the area outside Ulsan.

Firefly/Bandibuli Floating Wind Farm location
Illustration: The Wind Semi low draft semi-submersible concept

About the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Offshore environmental survey

In December 2021 Equinor started surveys to collect data for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) are undertaken to ensure any potential significant environmental effects that may arise because of the construction and operation of the Firefly Offshore Wind Project, are properly understood.

Description of Surveys

The surveys will be conducted initially over a 12-month period and will include: marine mammals, seabirds, seawater and sediment quality, marine ecology, fish, marine physics, and underwater noise. Sekwang Engineering Co. Ltd., has been appointed by Equinor to manage the surveys which will be undertaken by specialist subcontractors. The surveys will be conducted in the offshore wind turbine array area as well as the proposed cable route to shore.

EIA Scoping Report

Equinor implements and manages tasks related to the determination of items and scope of Environmental Impact Assessment in a consistent and smooth manner by stipulating detailed matters for determining the items and scope of Environmental Impact Assessment as stipulated by Korean regulations and international standards.

Survey Schedules

Equinor will issue a Notice to Mariners on a regular basis which will include details of the upcoming surveys and areas where the surveys will take place, as well as details about the survey vessel, and contact information. Notice to Mariners will be uploaded to the link below More information on the surveys and survey methods will be published on this page as we finalise our preparations.


At Equinor, we highly value your opinions. We are committed to developing projects responsibly, based on close communication with local communities and a deep understanding of the environment. This document demonstrates how Equinor transparently shares project information and how stakeholders can truly collaborate with us. Additionally, this plan provides information on how Equinor is practically utilizing suggestions from the local community.