Equinor appoints “Owner’s engineer” for Firefly/Bandibuli project in South Korea

Photo: Illustrated drawing of a Wind Semi being towed for the development of the Firefly/Bandibuli offshore wind farm

  • Equinor has awarded international engineering firm COWI a contract to serve as “Owner’s Engineer” for the Firefly/Bandibuli project offshore Ulsan, South Korea. Under the contract, COWI personnel will be integrated into Equinor’s project development team.

Owner’s engineer
An Owner’s engineer supports the owner of a project during design, development, and construction.

The resources sourced through the Owner’s engineer contract will support and work alongside internal project development resources.

Resources from COWI will work in an integrated manner with the Equinor organization, providing project management and technical follow up of Firefly/Bandibuli. COWI will supply personnel that will be fully integrated into the Firefly/Bandibuli project organization, and the contract also covers independent studies, reviews and other engineering services. The resources sourced through the contract with COWI will be an addition to Equinor’s own project development resources.
“This is a novel way for us to bolster our project organization, combining Equinor’s and COWI’s expertise within offshore wind to develop a new offshore wind market and building a new industry in South Korea. We look forward to working in an integrated fashion with COWI’s team to realise the Firefly/Bandibuli project,” says Torgeir Nakken, project director for the Firefly/Bandibuli project.

First time
This is the first time Equinor leverages an “Owner’s engineer” setup to support project development on an offshore wind farm. The first resources will be mobilized immediately. Through the project development phase, the total number of resources is expected to reach maximum 30 people. The contract will last for the duration of the Firefly/Bandibuli project and is the first call off under a global framework agreement between COWI and Equinor.

“We are very happy to sign this contract with COWI after a thorough review of the market. Equinor’s renewables business is growing significantly towards 2030. Exploring new ways to work together with our suppliers is crucial to enable this growth,” says Embret Johnsgaard, procurement director for Firefly/Bandibuli.

Scaling up Equinor Korea
The Firefly/Bandibuli project is located 70 km off the coast from Ulsan in South Korea and is expected to be the first of several Equinor projects in the country to be built, with expected first power in 2027.

“Equinor wants to play a key role in South Korea’s energy transition, leveraging our experience with floating and bottom-fixed wind power to develop a new industry in Korea that can both help decarbonize the economy and create jobs and business opportunities. This collaboration with COWI is an important step in scaling up our organization in South Korea, fueling our project development efforts,” says Country Manager Jacques-Etienne Michel.

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